NP Workshop – Sat 25th Feb 2-5pm

A reminder of the Neighbourhood Plan workshop this Saturday (25th) afternoon 2-5pm in the Green Room of Much Hadham Village Hall.

We want your ideas and opinions about the natural, built and community environment. We want you to think about the parish and what you would like to protect.

There will be tables with maps for three subjects: 1. Views and Community Facilities, 2. Green Spaces and Hedgerows, 3. Flora and Fauna.  We are asking people to mark up the maps with their own particular local knowledge.  

We also want your help in compiling three lists of parish organisations: sports and societies, businesses and community facilities.

We are also gathering names for village walks to identify further flora and fauna.  There will be a board with ten (TEN!) pages of policy ideas, feedback forms and post-its for comments, colour-coded for approx age of commentator.  And there will be teas and coffees – it’s all free and you can pop in at anytime.

We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!