Herts County Council is asking all residents to have their say in their Residents’ Survey.

Herts County Council’s survey is key in building a dialogue with Hertfordshire residents about their lives in the county. To make the right decisions in how Herts County Council allocate its resources, HCC is undertaking a survey of residents’ views to establish perceptions of the Herts County Council and residents’ opinions on their communities, priorities, concerns and wellbeing. Parish, district and county councillors are also being invited to share their views. You can complete the survey here www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/residentsurvey

Herts County Council want to hear from people from all walks of life and every response counts!

The findings of the survey will be used to help the Herts County Council shape its priorities and will inform planning of the services to help to meet residents’ needs and expectations. It will also enable the Herts County Council to measure progress against key priorities set in the Corporate Plan 2022-2025.

Herts County Council’s survey is available until the 15th of September 2023.