East Herts Council (EHC) is looking to recruit two local people, unaffiliated to political groups and with no connection with East Herts Council, to sit as independent members on its Audit and Governance Committee.

The Audit and Governance Committee plays a key role in East Herts Council’s arrangements to support good governance. It has the specific role of monitoring the budget, approving the East Herts Council’s Statement of Accounts and acting as East Herts Council’s audit committee. The committee also carries out the monitoring of East Herts Council’s treasury management functions. The committee meets approximately four times a year, with meetings held in person in the Council Chamber at East Herts Council’s Wallfields Offices in Hertford, starting at 7 pm.

This is a role which carries public responsibility. You should be a person with experience working in an organisation at a senior level or have other similar experience. Financial management (accountancy, audit or management of a large budget) would be advantageous. You will be appointed for a four-year term and the role may be extended for a further six months to align with the municipal year.

In order to be eligible for the position, applicants must not:

•    Be a councillor or officer of East Herts Council or have been so in the preceding five years prior to appointment.
•    Be related to, or a close friend of, any councillor or officer of East Herts Council.
•    Have been convicted of any offence attracting a sentence of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) for not less than a period of 3 months without the option of a fine. East Herts Council has the right to DBS check any independent committee members.
•    Be an undischarged bankrupt.
•    Have significant business dealings with East Herts Council.
•    Have a formal connection with any political group.
•    Be an employee of or the holder of a significant office in an organisation with close commercial links with East Herts Council.
•    Have Council Tax, Business Rates arrears or other debts owing to East Herts Council.

There is an annual allowance of £2,500 for the role, paid in monthly instalments, together with travel expenses.

Find out more about the role and how to apply. The deadline is 3 July at 5 pm.